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The Woodland Centre is situated near the village of Offwell which is just off the A35 approx 3 miles east of Honiton.

Our conservation volunteers work around the year to manage the site and maintain habitats. We have regular work parties and are always looking for new volunteer team members. ontact the centre.

The Trust is financed by voluntary contributions and subscriptions from our quarterly 'Woodlander magazine'.

 Offwell Woodland and Wildlife Trust is a charity founded in 1989 for the purposes of conservation and education. Our Woodland Education Centre is situated in 50 acres of woodland leased from the Forestry Commission and managed in partnership with the Commission.

Our large log cabin and lakeside classroom are situated in a site with a wide variety of habitats. These provide an ideal venue for woodland activities and for learning about natural history.

Explore over 1000 pages of information on habitat restoration, ecological surveys and much more!

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Bird Nesting Report 2016
by Dr Mike Hounsome

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Contact Address:

Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust
1 Colwell Cottage
Honiton EX14 9SP

Telephone: 07934918156

The 50 acre site provides opportunities to fully explore the woodland. Picnic tables beside the lake provide a great place to relax.

Keep checking Facebook and the website for upcoming events.


Please do not drive into the Woodland Centre. Contact us for more details.